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Law of Attraction Exercises

This is one of the best stories to argue thoughts are things I've ever heard! This is a story about exercising. Nothing crazy like wanting to win a gold medal or something. You can exercise this muscle no matter your age. No matter your size, stature, or weight. This is something we can all exercise. Right here. Right now... "There's no way you can make that ...

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Your What If’s Can Make You Sink or Swim

What would the world be like today if the Wright brothers never asked themselves, "What if people could fly?" Children seem to naturally be able to imagine creative and wild WHAT IF scenarios. While adults sadly seem to migrate towards the negative side of WHAT IF and think about things like, WHAT IF I quit my job to start a business and it fails? Don't get me ...

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Proof That Thoughts Are Things

I took these notes at a public speaking workshop I took from Take Back College speaker, Ryan Penneau. It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend attending one if you have the opportunity. This is very simple logic that demonstrates that thoughts are things. What you think about most, directly influences your behavior. What you think about most, is what you ...

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How the Vikings, AP & Realistic Thinking Will Make You Happier

Admittedly I am a Pollyanna when it comes to positive thinking. That's why an article in the January 2013 issue of Toastmasters Magazine titled, "Positive Thinking DEBUNKED: Focus on realistic thinking to motivate others and achieve goals in 2013," really caught my attention. The article argues that positive thinking can actually have negative effects on people and ...

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