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3 Reasons To Let Something Bad Happen In Your Business

This blog by Tim Ferriss about the art of letting bad things happen couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. My airbnb had only been running for a couple of months. I was out of town and my sister was going to be cleaning it for me. There was a guest checking out that morning and new guests checking in that afternoon, so she had a small window of time to ...

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3 Hidden Lessons From Toastmasters Critiques

There is really nothing more intimidating than knowing you're being judged by a room full of people. Not just being judged, but every single sound you make; every bead of sweat; every shuffle of your feet; awkwardness of your hands- they're even studying your eyes to see where you're looking! For those of you not in Toastmasters, you receive feedback from every ...

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4 Public Speaking Exercises

Make the person next to you laugh - RIGHT NOW! Unless you're sitting next to a child, it's not very easy to be funny on command. Why I signed up for the Toastmasters Humorous Speech Competition is beyond me right now. My habit of jumping in head first and finding out how deep the water is afterwards might have finally caught up to me. Thankfully there's 12 days ...

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The Best Leaders Are Balanced

Who would have ever guessed that the best advice for relationships in life would come from the airplane safety card? Even the airlines know that you can't help save someone else if you are struggling for air yourself. One of the best sermons I've ever heard was about tithing. Most pastors talk about how it's your duty to tithe and try their best to encourage it- ...

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5 Reasons I Admire Steve Jobs

Don't be mistaken about the title of this post, Steve Jobs is not someone I entirely admire. In fact, I despise a lot of his 'leadership' techniques and definitely don't consider him anywhere near Ghandi or Jesus- even though he thought of himself as enlightened like them. If you don't believe me read this post about why I probably would've punched Steve Jobs if I ...

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6 Reasons I Would Punch Steve Jobs

Photo Courtesy of DigitalTrends.com  I know I'm kind of late to the Steve Jobs hype, but I finally got around to reading his biography. I feel like the Apple vs. Microsoft/Google debate gets as heated as talks about politics so I was very eager to read more about the figurehead of the 'political party'. Before starting the biography I really only heard the rumors ...

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