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7 Favorite Fiction Books to Read This Year

I used to only read non-fiction books. I also used to have to take melatonin almost every night in order to fall asleep. Then I heard Tim Ferriss (my hero) say that reading fiction before bed is better than taking Ambien. Ferriss reasons that reading fiction helps switches your brain from learning to relaxation mode by distracting it from your own thoughts. After ...

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Best Manager I Ever Had

Even though working as a waitress in college was a pretty insignificant job, my manager taught me an invaluable lesson one day when I was 2 hours late for my shift. It was an honest mistake. I accidently wrote down the start time for the person below me on the schedule. This is all my manager, Joe, said to me about it: I really like you Shawnee, and don't want ...

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The Modern Independence Day

Independence Day used to be a time when the whole country was united with a shared experience - even if the shared experience was just oohing and ahhing over fireworks. It's sad that the day is hardly called Independence Day anymore and often times just referred to as The 4th of July- stripping the meaning of the day to merely a date most people get off work. Do you ...

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