Why Trophies Are Important

Posted on September 11, 2013

Do you have a shelf of trophies in your house, collecting dust? If you’re like me, you’ve thrown out all of those old, plastic trophies from your younger years since you don’t care about the accomplishments it took to earn them anymore. There are 3 that I do keep in the back of my closet though that remind me that I can overcome some big challenges. Everyone should keep at least one trophy that represents an accomplishment they’re proud of. Whenever you’re facing another tough challenge, maybe one that nobody will give you a trophy for, your trophies will serve as a reminder that you can pull through and do great things.

toastmasters humorous speech contest trophy

Here are the stories behind the only trophies I still have and why:

MENTAL: State for Competition Shooting

Even though this was many, MANY, moons ago, and I’m not nearly as good of a shot as I was back then. This trophy still reminds me of getting up super early, every Saturday morning and going to the shooting range with my dad. Competition shooting is practically 100% mental. This is how I learned the power of visualization and controlling your nerves through breathing. These skills have helped so many situations in life- including winning a trophy last night.

FAMILY: Horseshoes

This gawdy trophy almost reaches my waist! I still keep it in the back of my closet because of the happy memories associated with it. The Women’s Team was notoriously the most difficult. They’d taken first place for at least 10 years straight- by a landslide. But the 2nd year of my dad, uncle and I being on a team, we beat them! The best part was that we were really just having fun. It wasn’t our goal to beat them when we started the season, we didn’t check the stats every game to see where we were compared to them. We were just there to have fun! This trophy serves as a reminder that you can have fun and be competitive at the same time.

SOCIAL/MENTAL: Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest

I just won this trophy last night and am admittedly still riding the euphoria from it. The reason this trophy means so much is because it was the most nervous I ever remember being about anything in my entire life- not kidding. Public speaking is hard. That’s why I joined Toastmasters last year, and decided to compete in their annual humorous speech competition. About 2 weeks before the competition I started feeling major anxiety, coursing through my body 24/7. There was nothing I could do to control it. I did find that a good, sweaty, workout helped slow it down for a while though. The lessons this trophy represents means more than any other trophy I’ve received in my adult life because of what I had to overcome to win it and how much more vital these skills are to my future goals.

This trophy validates to myself that I’m ready to start tackling some bigger goals.

Do you still have any trophies? What do they mean to you?


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