Overcoming Cold Feet – Persistence

Posted on April 10, 2014

Movies like Gravity and Pursuit of Happyness demonstrate one form of persistence. They demonstrate how hard a lot of people will fight when they have absolutely nothing to lose. The problem is, most of us do have something to lose. Most of us have friends and family who may think we’re crazy. We have comfy houses, cars and jobs.

How do you fight as hard as Sandra Bullock and Will Smith did in those movies when you’re not in a life or death situation?

A friend of mine has been working hard for the last year to open a CrossFit gym. It seems like almost every hurdle possible was thrown in right when he thought he was about to cross the finish line. One such hurdle even resulted in a lawsuit when a company told them the day they were supposed to sign the lease they didn’t want a fitness center in their property. The opening of the gym was delayed about 5 months. Delays in your goals create more time for thinking, which lets the negative thoughts creep in.

What keeps you going when you’re hanging on to your goals by a thread?

Cold feet is common when you get married, but it’s also common when you’re struggling to accomplish something you’ve been working so hard for. Were all my sacrifices worth it? Should I continue?

Mentally conquering cold feet is one of the hardest parts of being persistent.

I’ve been working on a dream for over 8 years now. There have been so many hurdles and detours along the way, but I’m almost ready to launch! Just a few finishing touches and I’ll be ready to share it by the end of the month. In the meantime though, I’m struggling with cold feet too…

Do you get cold feet? How do you overcome it?

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