I Finally Found A Meditation Technique That Works For Me!

Posted on September 17, 2014

Last year I wrote about the benefits of meditating and my struggles with not being able to. I got some great advice from lots of people and really appreciate all of your efforts to help. But I finally found something that has been working great for me on a consistent basis.

After reading this article, How to “Get High” Without Drugs, I started listening to binaural beats. There are a lot of unverified claims about binaural beats helping reduce pain, anxiety, increase memory and more. I don’t care about those things though because they have helped me relax and slow down my brain. In fact, binaural beats kind of feel like your brain is getting a massage.

You have to have a set of headphones on to truly feel the effects of the beats. Click on the playlist in the top left hand corner of the video below to see them all.

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