Law of Attraction Exercises

Posted on July 14, 2016

This is one of the best stories to argue thoughts are things I’ve ever heard!

This is a story about exercising. Nothing crazy like wanting to win a gold medal or something. You can exercise this muscle no matter your age. No matter your size, stature, or weight. This is something we can all exercise. Right here. Right now…

“There’s no way you can make that happen.”

“Watch me,” she said as she headed for the airport for 3 days in New York City with just two goals: 1) get tickets to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert show, which is super hard because they’re always oversold, and 2) meet Stephen Colbert.

She didn’t know how, when, or where, but she knew it was going to happen.

The first serendipitous moment came when her and her friend got in line for any standby tickets. They were the first ones in line since they got there 3 hours before they even opened. But, because they got there so early they became friendly with the staff and started talking to random people on the street…

Who happened to have two extra tickets!

Technically they don’t let you transfer the names of tickets, but because they had become friendly with the staff, they let them.

After the show they hung around the back door waiting for Colbert to leave. He finally ended up leaving a few hours later and my friend got a picture with him!

Only problem was the flash on her phone wasn’t working for some reason so you can’t see anything.

So she decided to go back the next day and sit at the same spot to meet him again and get a better picture this time….

And she did.


We all need to exercise our Law of Attraction muscles. The Secret tells us to practice this with small things like a good parking spot, finding something you lost, or a ‘sign’ that you notice all the time. For my friend it’s pennies, another friend finds heart-shaped things everywhere. What is your ‘sign’?

Why not test your muscle even more and try for something big, like my friend did?

The next exercise for my Law of Attraction Muscle is to meet Tim Ferriss.


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