Failure: A time for self-reflection

Posted on July 15, 2014

Failure is a time of learning.

Every failure should be a time for reflection. Whether it’s a breakup of a relationship or a business venture gone wrong. These are the periods when alone time and nature should be mandatory to remind yourself of how magnificent the world is, despite the fragile state your ego may be in at the moment.

Failure is when you realize your own limitations and whether you want to make them permanent; When you decide if your goal is truly worth pursuing still. What other sacrifices will you have to make to accomplish this goal? Are you willing to make them? Are you willing to dig deep down and give this goal another crack with 110% this time? Because failing at the same goal once a second time is going to hurt even more. How are you going to change your plan of attack this time?

3rd, 4th and 5th failures are when people start to question your worth. This is when you stop telling people you’re working on your goal anymore to save yourself the embarrassement. You start avoiding social situations because you cringe everytime someone asks you about it.

Can you imagine the time of reflection needed after trying something 5,6 or 7 times and STILL not having it succeed? R.H Macy started 7 other businesses that failed before he finally made it with the Macy’s department stores. Can you imagine how much personal debt he probably incurred? The stress he put on his family after each of those businesses failed? To go home and tell your wife and kids that you can’t afford groceries because yet another business venture tanked?

A lot of people aren’t strong enough to go through that once, much less 7 times. Plus, a lot of people aren’t married to a such a supportive and understanding spouse.  How many times do you think his wife, parents and in-laws asked him why he wouldn’t just get ‘a real job’?

How much money do you think he could have had saved if he would have had a 401k he was contributing to all those years he was spending chasing a dream? How scared of retirement do you think his wife was? Do you think social occasions were fun? How do you answer the obligatory ‘how’s business?’ without making yourself sound like a failure? How do you tell your friends about another venture you’re excited about when you just told them your last one went under?

It takes a very strong person to bounce back from a failed goal.

Is your goal worth it?

Are you strong enough?

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