Excuses, excuses

Posted on November 13, 2013

This is the first time I’ve gone over a week without posting to my blog since I made it a priority 11 months ago. It’s been eating me up inside. There are no excuses, except that my priorities for the last 10 days have had to change temporarily.

I hate when people constantly say they don’t have time, or money to do something and have made it a point to eliminate those phrases from my vocabulary.

If you don’t believe that lack of money or time is an excuse, read Bouncing Back: The Autobiography of Bill Bartmann. He came from a large family that was so poor his parents didn’t care that he joined a carnival at the age of 14 and traveled the country with them. Despite dropping out of high school, he found a way to not only graduate from college and law school, but to become a millionaire- and lose it – become a millionaire again – and lose it – and eventually become a billionaire.

Stop using lack of time or money as an excuse and start admitting when something just isn’t a priority to you.

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