Applying Tony Robbins 6 Needs to Your Life

Posted on September 19, 2013


This Prezi was inspired by Tony Robbins: Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of Wisdom and I recommend listening to the video while watching the prezi.

Tony Robbins explains that there are 6 ‘invisible needs’ that motivate every human being.

4 are what he calls ‘Needs of the Personality’, where you can never really feel fulfilled from them :

  • Certainty: This is why people settle; settle for jobs they don’t like, comfortable relationships, never move out of their hometown, etc. Their need for routine and comfort can make them complacent.
  • Uncertainty: Even though Californians might complain about rain, you know they secretly love a break from perfect weather every once in a while.
  • Need to Feel Important: “The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important.” – Dale Carnegie
  • Connection & Love: This is why some people bounce from relationship to relationship; or why they might lose themselves after having kids.

2 are ‘Spiritual Needs’, and are the only way to truly ever feel fulfilled:

  • Growth: Think of running on a hamster wheel- normal people can’t run on it forever and never see any progress. Days that I feel the most depressed are when I feel like I’ve given my all to something (or someone), but have absolutely nothing to show for it. I also feel this is the easiest way companies can make their employees feel happier, yet most of them fail miserably in this department.
  • Contribute Beyond Yourself: Volunteering. Charity. Helping other people out of the rat race of the 4 needs of the personality- that’s when you’ll feel the most fulfilled. Marrying this with making a living is the balance I’m searching for.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom. – Tony Robbins

Take 5 minutes to learn what your 6 HUMAN NEEDS  are in order of importance.

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