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Posted on April 25, 2013

I’ve been reading a lot about being happy lately and I came across an article that said displaying personal pictures helps make you happier. That made me look at my own house and realize that the only people in any pictures are Jesus (my mom gave me a big framed pic of Him when I moved in- kind of a funny story that maybe I’ll share sometime) and little tiny pictures of me, my brother and sister- on my coasters. Because I use coasters all the time (can you feel the sarcasm dripping from that statement?)

So I decided to finally do something about it! I’ve been collecting all my Christmas and birthday cards for quite a while to put in my ‘scrapbook’ someday. Seriously, some of these cards are from 10+ years ago! It was time to throw in the towel on the scrapbooking and realize it was never meant to be. This was the much cheaper and faster alternative:

 All I did was punch holes in the corners and put them on those metal rings that open. I got mine at Michael’s for around $3.

I broke mine into a couple of different categories and I’m going to hang them on coat hooks under a shelf with pictures on them (will post a pic after it’s up). Here is how I separated mine:

1. Picture cards- I hate throwing those adorable pictures away, but they’re too big to fit in a photo album and then you can’t see the back if it has ages or dates written back there. It’s just much easier to put them on a ring!

2. Meaningful cards- the ring on the bottom left is of cards with special messages on them. My cousin always writes the sweetest things that make me feel so good. So I grouped all of my favorite cards that make me feel the happiest and put them on the same ring for days when I could use a little pick-me-up.

3. General Christmas & Birthday Cards- my mom uses the pictures on cards for the tags on her presents, but I like to remember who sent me cards. Especially seeing cards from my Grandparents who have passed away. Even though all they did was sign their name, it’s still nice to see their handwriting and that they thought of me.

4. Postcards- my mom has been a flight attendant the majority of my life and has always sent us postcards from some awesome destinations. I love being able to read what she wrote way back when I was a kid, see the stamps and all the markings from different countries. I’ve continued the tradition and started only collecting postcards when I travel. I write down some highlights of the trip on the back. I really should start mailing them to myself, but you gotta know your limitations, right?

I know I wasn’t the first one to come up with this idea to put stuff on those rings, but I must say it only took me about an hour and I’m so excited to finish my upstairs and put them on display- They’re already working to make me happier!

Do you have any other easy ways to organize, store or display sentimental items?

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