Why I Love Watching Sports

Posted on September 28, 2013

I’m not usually one to enjoy sitting on the sidelines. If someone is doing something that looks like fun, I want to be doing it too.

But in the case of professional sports, that’s obviously not possible. Regardless though, I still thoroughly enjoy cheering my team on – no matter how bad they’re doing. Although I will admit, it’s A LOT more fun when they’re winning.

This is a picture of the day Brett Favre almost led the Vikings to the Super Bowl.

The game didn’t start until 4pm, but one of my friends got to the bar at 11 am to save a table. And good thing he did.

I brought a bag of everything purple I could find at my house. Anyone who wanted to sit at our table HAD to be wearing purple.

By the time the game started, I had drawn face paint on practically everyone in the bar.

Whenever the Vikings did anything praise worthy, we were bumping stomachs with strangers at the table next to us. When the team needed our support, almost the entire bar was doing spirit fingers towards the tv.

It’s rare in life for so many people to invest that much energy into other people’s success. And that’s exactly why I don’t mind being a spectator sometimes- I’ll never pass up an opportunity to act like a kid with complete strangers.



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