Most Important Life Lessons My Parents Taught Me

Posted on February 18, 2014

For my birthday, I’d like to say thank you to my parents. They’ve definitely had the biggest influence in making me who I am today. Although I am forever indebted to them for many things, these are my favorite things that they have instilled in me and my siblings:

Both of my parents taught us the excitement of exploring. My dad took us camping and pointed out hawks and eagles in the sky, while my mom pointed out different types of airplanes. My mom took us around the world and taught us the joy of traveling and learning about other cultures, while my dad taught us about the beauty of nature.

I can’t recall a single time when my parents got annoyed of us asking questions. Even before the internet, they would always help us find the answers to our questions. They did everything to help us learn and understand things better. One of our favorite memories is of my dad running across the kitchen like an Australian Frilled Lizard after we asked him a question about an article we were reading in Discovery Kids Magazine (which we read pretty much every morning at breakfast).

My parents didn’t just teach us the value of curiousity, which inspires creativity – they helped us fulfill and act on any crazy idea we might have. They read with us constantly and showed us how to research our interests in more depth, which has made us all students for life.

Honestly, just igniting the desire to explore and teaching us how to research our interests, means we’ll always be able to do whatever we want in life if we just try hard enough. 

Thank you Mom and Dad!


the value of traveling

My Mom and I in Switzerland

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  • Craig

    Hi Shawnee, it’s great to hear about the influence of your parents, and to see photos of them. My Dad’s book has been finished, I’ll look forward to showing it to you.

  • Shawnee Huie

    Can’t wait to see it Craig!