How Much Time Do You Lose To Fear?

Posted on September 4, 2013

How much time does fear steal from you every single day?

Obviously there’s good fear, like the time you take to look before crossing the street, checking your blind spots, etc. for fear of an accident. But I’m talking about the stupid little things that practically everyone does, so you tolerate it in your life too.

Have you ever proof read an email multiple times before sending it? Admittedly, sometimes this is to make sure you said everything you need to say, but if you start re-wording things then it’s more than likely out of fear of how the recipient(s) will react to your email.

Or, have you ever had to give yourself a pep talk before cold calling? I used to have to give myself a pep talk before every call- because I was scared! Do you know how long each of those pep talks took? At least a minute or two.

Fear can come in many disguises and has many names. Some may call it nervousness, anxiety, or even perfectionism- but don’t be mistaken, they’re all fear!


I recently read Picnic at the Iron Curtain, about communism in Eastern Europe, and it made my heart so heavy when she talked to refugees and survivors of war – besides the people lost, the second most missed thing was the time the war stole from their lives. In Bosnia, survivors had 4 years stolen from their lives that they couldn’t do anything about. But I would bet that most of us let fear steal that much of our lives too – slowly- every minute we second guess ourselves.

What are some every day thing that you do out of fear?

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