10 Characteristics of the Best Travel Partners

Posted on January 10, 2014

1. Adventurous- One can only sit on the beach for so long so make sure you travel with people who want to explore wherever you’re visiting.

2. Flexible- Vacations are about doing whatever you feel like doing in that moment, and sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate with what you had reservations for. Don’t be afraid to break plans if something more appealing comes up.

3. Timely- Good travel companions don’t make the group wait for them to get ready every time you go out.

4. Decisive & Speaks Up- One of the most annoying things is when people follow the group concensus and then complain later on that they didn’t want to do this anyways. This is closely related to #5.

5. Independent- They’re not afraid to break away from the group and do their own thing, nor will they hold a grudge if nobody wants to do what they want to do.

6. Dependable- If they say they’re going to do something, they do it. For instance, if they said they’ll book the room for everyone they actually will.

7. Money Wise- Especially when converting money, you will pretty much always have times where someone owes another person in the group money. Make sure you travel with people who pay you back immediately, and make sure you pay others back immediately. Money does funny things to people- even people with plenty of money. Don’t let money cause any problems on your vacation.

8. No Babysitting Needed- It’s no fun having to care for drunk people, and it’s especially not fun if you can never be the drunk person because you know your friends would never stay sober enough to take care of you. Everyone deserves a free pass to get wasted every couple of years- but don’t be this person on every vacation, and not every night of your vacation. Not only does getting wasted make you an easy target for crime, but it makes you a burden on your friends. If they ditch you and something happens to you, they will feel immense guilt because they didn’t babysit you.

9. Smart & Courteous- They wouldn’t do things that they wouldn’t like done to them. Like not getting super sun burned the first day so they can’t participate in any outdoor activities the rest of the vacation. Or not walking away and leaving belongings unattended if they agreed to watch them. Or bringing someone back to your shared room to get it on. Or…the list goes on.

10. Organized – By organized I just mean people who always know where their passport, money and other important things are.  We’re all going to misplace things once in a while, but consistently put things in the same spot so you’re not holding up the group while you search for your credit card.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/bennesvig Ben Nesvig

    11. They adapt to bad weather.

    On #7, I like the advice “Pay every debt as if God wrote the bill.” People can get very strange with money.