Ultimate Home Organization List

Posted on December 8, 2012

My house is tiny. Barely 600 finished square feet, yet three grown adults, and all the possessions they’ve accumulated in their almost 90 combined years on earth. I feel claustrophobic and cannot even fathom how my grandparents raised 9 children in this house.

My biggest regret before remodeling the upstairs is not researching more efficient storage space. I was so eager to see the transformation that I didn’t thoroughly think through where all of my stuff would be stored. This is definitely from being young and naive when I bought the house. This post is my mission of organizing my small, overcrowded house.

Every other blog, book, and article I read about organizing your house says to tackle one room at a time. My house needs such an overhaul right now that I can’t even finish organizing one room in a a weekend. So, I started with a list of  every room in my house, then made a list of smaller, more manageable projects within that room that I can tackle in about 30 minutes – 2 hours. Of course each of these projects can be broken down even more if I don’t have enough free time that day.

This list will be updated with tips and pictures as I complete the projects so check back often!



Dresser (especially the top)

X Clothes Rack

Under the bed

X Big Bookshelf

Little Bookshelf

End Table


Makeup/Hair Station


Hobbit Closet


Filing Cabinet

X Cedar Chest



X Freezer & Fridge: magnets and top too!

X Cabinets: do one cabinet every night if doing them all at once seems overwhelming, one at a time will probably take 30 minutes max then- depending on how messy they are, of course.

X Pantry: storage shelves are my favorite!

X Drawers

Under Sink: this pull out garbage can is by far the most sturdy I’ve found in this price range. It’s pretty small for a kitchen bathroom though, so it might be better in a bathroom for some families. I store all my cleaning supplies under my kitchen sink. Since discovering Norwex, I no longer have to store chemicals in my house. See before and afters of all of my cleaning supplies.

Under Stove


Under Sink


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