Paint Your Wall Ombre – DIY Tutorial

Posted on December 2, 2013

An immediate place to start feeling balanced physically is to make your house actually feel like a home. If your house feels cluttered and disorganized, you will feel the same way.

The next step beyond keeping your house clean is the fun part – designing to reflect your personality!

One way to add instant personality to any room is to paint an ombre accent wall, like I did in the picture above.

I used these instructions from

how to paint your walls ombre


TIP: Continually whipe off your brush to keep it dry while making the ‘x’ brush strokes, otherwise it won’t look like a smooth transition.

ombre accent wall

Keep wiping your brush off while painting ‘x’ strokes to keep a smooth texture

The beauty of ombre is that you can alter it to be darker or lighter while you’re painting- unlike just painting a solid color.

Happy painting!

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  • Sarah Pearson-Beck

    Hi, I know this was posted a while ago, but did you blend the colors while they were still wet? Thanks!

    • Shawnee Huie

      Hi Sarah,

      Yes, you blend the colors immediately after putting them on the wall, but you have to do it with a dry brush, so you keep wiping your brush with a clean paper towel after blending each section (about 1-2 feet).

      Good luck!