Can you really use olive oil to remove makeup naturally?!

Posted on June 8, 2013
olive oil on cotton balls can take off makeup naturally

Olive oil on cotton balls removes makeup naturally.

Seriously! I didn’t believe it either, but it actually worked very well. Here’s the blog I read that inspired me to wipe Olive Oil all over my face. Although it’s very counter-intuitive to wipe oil all over your face to wash it, my dad told me about an article he read in a NASA trade magazine, where they discovered the best way to pull fat out of hamburger was to deep fry it. The fat in the hamburger was attracted to the oil- like attracts like. Same principle with your face; The oil on your face is attracted to the olive oil and thus wipes off better than using soap or alcohol.

The cotton ball turns brown from the dirt and makeup just like when you use toner on cotton balls to wash your face. The olive oil worked especially well to remove my mascara, which never seems to come fully off no matter how hard I try. It actually felt less oily than using the eye makeup remover I use for water-proof mascara (which doesn’t list any ingredients on the bottle so I’m glad I can replace it with Olive Oil!)

My face didn’t feel super greasy or anything after smearing Olive Oil all over it surprisingly, but just for my pillow’s sake I wiped my face off with a Norwex makeup remover cloth after. I have previously only used these cloths to take off my makeup and felt they worked fine, but I’m so happy that I know I can pair it with Olive Oil for an even better, faster way to naturally clean my face!

UPDATE: I just read an article on where Christopher Dannaker, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of California San Francisco, says that olive oil helps with eczema, especially when it flares up. Put it directly on the skin.

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