How Getting Whiplash Inspired Terri Jacke to Live Natural

Posted on July 10, 2013

12 years ago Terri Jacke was on her way to pick up cake for her daughter’s 6th birthday when she was rear-ended. Four hours later she couldn’t move her neck or shoulders and couldn’t swallow. These are all symptoms of whiplash, which unfortunately intensified migraines she already suffered from. Surgeons kept telling her to have neck surgery but she wanted to find less risky alternatives.

She was scared to go to the chiropractor, but she tried a chiropractor who used the activator method and also suggested herbs and reiki. A new path to health opened up for Terri just because she didn’t want to have neck surgery for her whiplash.

Terri Jacke | President at Inspired Training Institute Inc. | Lives toxic free

Terri’s monthly health regimen includes:

Week 1: Chiropractor for structural alignment to help with migraines. She said not everyone needs to go every month though.

Week 2: Reiki

Week 3: Massage to release ‘stuck’ toxins and emotions. She doesn’t do this every month anymore, but was dilligent when recovering from whiplash.

Week 4: Naturopath and herbologist visits to help with preventive care. This doesn’t mean that Terri is against western medicine though. In fact, she recently had a sinus infection and her naturopath, Riesa, recommended going to the doctor to get antibiotics because it would clear it up faster than natural methods would.

Terri was full of great information, but one burning question I had for her was how she got her Football Hall of Famer husband, Chris Jacke, to see her naturopath too? She said it took 3 years of dating before he got an ailment and agreed to go. His ailment wasn’t the only thing that improved. Chris had bloodshot eyes for as long as he could remember, but after seeing the naturopath a few times his eyes have cleared right up. He now continues to go every other month.

 You strengthen your body when you get out of your own way and let your body heal itself. – Terri Jacke

As a successful business owner, mom and wife, Terri knows the struggle to eat healthy- especially on the road. Here’s Terri’s tips for eating healthy:

  •  Get a blood food allergy test. It turned out that Terri is allergic to soy and that’s why her sinus infection needed antibiotics instead of natural methods. She had been taking Claritin B for years for seasonal allergies, and now doesn’t have to since cutting soy out of her diet.
  • Look for allergen grids on restaurant’s websites. Despite their household being allergic to soy and gluten, they still eat out about 1/week. They usually go to Applebee’s, Culver’s and sushi places because they’re really good about accomodating their allergies. She also tries to limit business meetings to restaurants she knows she can eat at, or just meets for coffee.
  • Always pack food when traveling. Apples and hard boiled eggs at continental breakfasts only gives you so much energy. Terri and her daughter are going on a 2 week cruise and plan on eating lots of fresh fruit on the ship, but are also bringing LARABARs, carb based gluten and soy free bagels and pretzels she found at Whole Foods.
  • Silver Gel is to Terri what Windex was to the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She uses it for everything from taking off makeup to healing open wounds (Neosporin alternative).


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