Mother Earth Is All We Have: Live Organically

Posted on May 9, 2013

“I left Earth three times and found no other place to go. Please take care of Spaceship Earth.” – Wally Shirra, U.S. Astronaut. As seen in Reader’s Digest.

This picture caught my eye as I was thumbing through some old Reader’s Digests yesterday- love that magazine! It’s the most logical reason for why everyone should care about our environment. We’re all in this together. No amount of money, health or intelligence can save you from the challenge that we ALL face- preserving Mother Earth.

Even the smallest change toward living organically can help.

A friend of mine works at Fish and Wildlife and focused on the effects of chemicals in lakes and rivers for his master’s degree. One of the most disturbing things he told me was that birth control released into water from our urine has caused male fish to start laying eggs! Now think of all the chemicals we rinse down the drain that are harmful to humans- bleach, paint, gas, etc. You can eliminate toxic cleaning supplies in your home and simply clean with micro-fiber cloths and water. If you want to know the science behind why micro-fiber and water works better than chemicals to clean click here.

Here are more simple ways to start living more organically.


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