Meal Planning 101

Posted on August 21, 2013

meal planning 101

When it comes to food and cooking, I know my limits. The kitchen is just not where my heart is, so I have adopted the same rationale that Steve Jobs’ used to explain why he only wore black turtle necks and jeans – every. single. day. The least amount of decisions you have to make in life, the easier it is!

My grocery lists are primarily the same every time, so I don’t have to try and remember stuff. Plus that means I know where everything is in the grocery store and how much everything should cost.

The trick is to have enough variety on your shopping list that it still feels new to you. To keep it feeling like you’re not always eating the same thing, try switching to a different meat i.e. pork instead of chicken. Cheese is a decent part of my diet, and I eat it every morning with my breakfast so I buy it as a big block. Simply getting a different type of cheese makes a drastic difference, even though I’m cooking the same recipes.

Here’s a great website with a month’s worth of healthy meal plans and grocery lists.

Here’s a list of my 9 favorite healthy, convenient snacks.

What has worked to help you plan your meals better?


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