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Posted on April 21, 2014

Warning to Guys: you may not want to read this unless you’re going to share it with the women in your lives.

This is not the most glamorous subject, but it’s one every woman has to deal with so I wanted to share what has recently made my life easier in the area of menstruating. Yes, I said menstruating. Men- don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Ok, ladies, I read a Huffington Post article about tampons possibly being a link to cervical cancer
Admittedly I haven’t been able to find much else about the link between tampons and cancer online. In fact, I’ve found more articles refuting it than supporting it – including this from the American Cancer Society .

Regardless, this led to a conversation with a friend who told me about the Diva Cup.

Basically, the Diva Cup is a reusable menstrual cup made of silicone.

Benefits of the Diva Cup

  • Good for the environment - Since 1 Diva Cup can be used for a whole year, that saves at least 9 boxes of tampons from the landfill, according to Jezebel’s article about how much it costs to own a vagina. This also saves lots of room in your suitcase when you’re traveling. If you can find tampons in other countries, they’re usually very expensive.
  • No TSS Risk- The biggest risk you have of leaving it in too long is of it overflowing and ruining your clothes because there haven’t been any cases of TSS with menstrual cups. Diva Cup recommends that you take it out to clean at least every 12 hours, depending on your flow. This has become a huge benefit over tampons on long travel days.
  • Use the bathroom freely - not going to go in to too much detail here, but just know you don’t have to take out the cup, or do anything whenever, or however you use the bathroom.
  • Saves you money! If you’re a penny pincher like me, then perhaps you cringe every time you have to use a tampon for a just in case situation. I hated using a tampon and then my period doesn’t even start! Or at the end for a it-might-be-over-but-it-might not-be guessing game situation. Now I don’t care with the Diva Cup! It doesn’t feel like flushing money down the toilet anymore when I have to play these games (cheesy pun intended).


When I first wore the Diva Cup it leaked and I had to do some research about what I was doing wrong. I came across this blog that had some good advice I don’t recall seeing in the instruction pamphlet that comes with it. The author says to make sure you twist it into place after insertion to create a ‘seal’.

Menstrual cups take an open mind, and about a day to get used to.  

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