5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Boob Job

Posted on November 7, 2012

I just got a boob job a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved my Doctor and all of the staff that I worked with through every stage of the process from initial consultation to my post-op appointment. But there was still a big moment of despair for me a few days after. But, maybe I’m just a wuss and over reacting too.

1. Don’t wear jeans or anything that needs to be fastened. I was told it was hard to pull up & down your pants so going to the bathroom was going to be difficult, but nobody warned me about how much more difficult it was to button your jeans. But, my incisions were also in my armpits so maybe that’s why it was so much harder.

2. Another problem with the armpits is that you can only wear spray deoderant for at least 3 weeks afterwards. No matter what, you will still smell yourself. I even take about 3 showers a day. The good news is that my boyfriend says he can’t smell me, so again, maybe I’m just over reacting. But one thing to keep in mind when scheduling your surgery is if you’ll have to fly during the 3 weeks you cannot raise your arms due to the stitches. You can’t put your suitcase in your overhead bin by yourself, and you will more than likely have to be wanded down since you can’t raise your arms over your head in that fancy TSA machine. Also, the only spray deoderant at Target that’s in a small enough container to bring on the plane is Axe for men in their Woodsy scent, so try and buy something online ahead of time, unlike me.

3.  Being forced to sleep on your back sucks. I always slept on my stomach or side before, but 2 weeks after surgery and I still can only sleep on my back comfortably.

4. Going 3 weeks without exercising is REALLY hard! Again, this might be because my incisions are in my armpits, but my Doctor instructed me to not workout for at least 3 weeks due to my stitches. Plus, you can’t really work up much of a sweat anyways because you’ll stink even more, either BO from not being able to wash your armpits thoroughly, or because you have to use deoderant that smells like a man- Woodsy. I’m not even a fitness fanatic or anything, I just took a few classes a week at the gym to hang out with my best friend. So if I’m having a hard time not working out, then most people will probably feel the effects too.

5. You won’t be able to take a deep breath for about a week. You will feel like someone is sitting on your chest 24/7 which will make it difficult to take a deep breath. Getting the hiccups is the worst! But if you do get them, I suggest guzzling a beverage for as long as possible to force you to hold your breath long enough to get rid of them. It will be nearly impossible to get a deep enough breath and hold it long enough to get rid of them. Plus, they make your chest muscles flex, which hurts that soon after surgery. Going in the cold also makes your muscles tighten, so I suggest scheduling your surgery for warmer months. The fact that you can’t take a deep breath may cause a mild panic attack, at least it did to me 4 days after my surgery. The tipping point that almost led me to tears was not being able to dress myself after a shower and I almost fell over trying, instinctively reached out my arm to catch myself and had pain shooting down my arm because my stitches were being pulled. That was the only moment of buyer’s remorse that I’ve had about them though, and every day continues to get easier, less painful and more normal than the day before. The new girls actually felt good enough to go clubbing a few days ago!

To every woman who has had a boob job- I commend you… because I now know that it is not as easy as everyone I spoke to made it sound.

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