3 Reasons Everyone Should Use a Label Maker

Posted on May 2, 2013



I used to think people who used labelers at home were going way overboard, but since I’ve been on this Pinterest-inspired total home organization kick, I have fallen in love with labeling! Here are three reasons why everyone should buy a labeler:

1. Labeling forces you to categorize things as simply as possible. When you have to describe the contents of a bin in one to two words, you tend to only group things together that make complete sense. When you get used to reading labels you won’t look in the contents of the bins anymore. So if something isn’t listed on the label, chances are you won’t remember where it is when you need it.

2. Labels eliminate guesswork, and thus time. The pictures above show a mini dresser that I got from an estate sale. I got it because it was cheap and has lots of drawers for organizing. All I did was spray paint it silver and print labels on a silver tape. The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry before I could start organizing things in it.

With nine small drawers, you’re potentially opening nine drawers before you find what you’re looking for! Unless you memorize what’s in each drawer, which seems like a waste of brain space to me, you’re never going to find what you’re looking for right away- especially when it’s in a linen closet so you don’t use it every single day. The easiest way to ensure you find what you’re looking for without opening at least a couple other drawers and without wasting brain space is to label the drawers!

3. Labels communicate with others even when you’re not there. Do you ever feel like everyone in your house relies on you to tell them where things are? If you’ve ever received a phone call or text asking where a specific item is that you thought would be obvious for someone to find, then you need a label maker! There’s a reason everything in an elementary school classroom is labeled- because it makes it easier for kids to find things and put them away! Don’t tell them I said this, but this labeling trick works on adults too.

I honestly used to think that people that labeled everything were too OCD and I life shouldn’t have to be ‘labeled’. Now I just see that people who label things are super smart because they’re freeing their brain space for more important things. Why waste your precious memory remembering where things are when you can remember mathematic formulas or fun things you’ve done instead?

What are the most important things to label at your house?





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