My Brother Rocks!

Posted on February 20, 2013

As soon as you leave the house for college you don’t want anything holding you back- especially younger siblings. Friends, and boyfriends or girlfriends are a higher priority than family. My sister is a prime example because she comes home from college for a weekend but doesn’t even tell us because she stays at her boyfriend’s house the whole time. I can’t say I never did that either though so I can’t be mad. My friends have grown closer to their siblings during some big events in their lives like getting married or having kids. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, my siblings and I haven’t gotten married or had kids yet. We are late bloomers compared to our cousins, but my brother and I have still found a way to connect in our 20′s better than we have since our little sister was born. In fact, my brother only called me ‘Sister’ until our sister was born and then he had to differentiate between us and actually learn my name.

After our sister was born 3 became a crowd. My siblings usually ganged up on me since I was the one who had to babysit and discipline them sometimes. My brother and sister even tried planting cigarette butts on my dresser once to get me in trouble for smoking. Fortunately my parents were smart enough to see right through it.

‘The Belt’ was the biggest disciplining threat possible in our family. It meant that my Dad literally took off his belt right where he was and made us turn around for a spanking. The one and only time my parents had to discipline me with The Belt was when my brother and I got in a big fight in middle school and I dumped all of his baseball and basketball cards out the window while it was raining.

We were cordial through our teenage years and didn’t fight nearly as much as we did in elementary and middle school, but I can’t say that we hung out very much. So it was pretty surprising to me that my brother was really excited to help me gut and remodel my house when he was 21. I was 24 and thought I could do anything I put my mind to- and then I tried to swing a sledgehammer and realized everyone has their limitations. My brother came over every weekend to help and if he hadn’t been there, I honestly would have just laid down and cried right on the dirty floor.

For all of his help I let him live with me once the house was ready. Everyone in our family said we would kill each other and it would never work. Strangely enough though we never fought once in the year we lived together. We actually got to know each other a lot better and had fun hanging out. I’ll never forget one Sunday when we were watching The Beatles musical, Across The Universe, and my brother started dancing up the stairs like one of the actors. You probably had to see it, but it was the first time I saw my brother act super goofy like he did when he was a kid. To me, that’s the true meaning of best friends. People you can totally let loose with and be as goofy as you want to be and 1) they still love you 2) they don’t make fun of you for it, but most importantly 3) they join you in all your goofiness.

Thank you for being you, TJ!

My brother and I all grown up

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