Loving Beyond The Grave

Posted on November 3, 2012

A tribute to Grandma

My Grandma C passed away over 6 years ago now, but I still think of her a lot and miss her terribly, so I decided to write a tribute to her. The picture above is pretty much how our family was, with Grandma in the center. She was the only one that could make anyone stop in their tracks in an instant, or talk them through a disagreement. I’m the girl between her legs and the rest of the kids are my cousins. Keep in mind that this was many many years ago and I am now the only grandchild in the picture without children of my own. Our family has multiplied steadily throughout the years and a more recent picture would probably have at least 30 kids surrounding Grandma C. As if having 9 kids of her own and being a vital role in each of her grandkids lives wasn’t enough, she ‘adopted’ any kid who needed some love and guidance. My biggest regret in life is that my children won’t have the chance to meet her- until they get to heaven at least.

She unfortunately passed away a few weeks before I graduated from college. I was her first grandchild to graduate college. Six years after she left this world my cousin, who is the last one on the right above, got married. At her bridal shower she received a mysterious gift and a card in Grandma C’s handwriting and signed with her name. My aunt explained that she has been holding on to it all this time. Even on her death bed, while she was in so much pain from the cancer and chemo, she had the heart to think about us and our lives many years after she would be gone. That’s how much love she had in her heart.

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