Goal Setting & Time Management

Posted on January 16, 2013

“What Gets Scheduled Gets Done” by Cheryl Pinto in January 2013 Toastmasters Magazine

  • When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. – Confucius
  • “an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory” – unknown
  • Often people- including me- procrastinate until the consequences of their in-action forces a re-action.” – Ganesh Raman of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates [Being uncomfortable forces change. Step outside of your comfort zone.]
  • Set quarterly milestones for each dream you have.
  • “Deadlines are always productive. Procrastination is the downfall of man- a bad decision is better than no decision.” – Greg Pogonowski of Dubai Internet City Toastmasters [Here's a great technique to force yourself to hit your deadlines- how to make yourself very uncomfortable!] “We have all heard of the saying, ‘Get on the right track.’ If you get on the right track and stay put, the next train will still run you over. So I say: Get on the right track and move! If you move in the wrong direction, you can still switch tracks.”
  • Focus: We live in a world of distractions (cellphones, email, Facebook). Saying no to distractions is essential to achieving your goals.
  • Start somewhere—you’ll learn along the way. - Raman

“Positive Thinking Debunked: Focus on realistic thinking to motivate others and achieve goals…” by Judith C. Tingley in Jan. 2013 Toastmasters Magazine

  • What is realistic thinking? ‘When a person could believably say to him or herself that everything was being done to help and they were doing everything they could to be better and healthier every day, they seemed to cross a threshold- from the faniciful, into the possible, which is where real hope exists.” -Judith Acosta, a social worker and psychotherapist
  • “If not positive, what are we to be? …We can be realistic thinkers.”  - Barbara Ehrenreich in her book, Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America
  • We need specific goals, an organized action plan, timely decision-making and persistence.

“A Different Path To A New You: Lessons from an ostrich and other thoughts on goal-setting” by Ernest R. Stair in Jan. 2013 Toastmasters Magazine

  • Benjamin Franklins’ Goal Setting Technique:
  1. Dream big. List a BHAG (Big Hairy Ass Goal). One of Ben Franklin’s goals he listed in his autobiography is, ‘the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection. I wish’d to live without committing any fault at any time.”
  2. He then targeted 13 virtues to achieve, including temperance, frugality, sincerity and humility.
  3. Next, he created a report-card system for himself by making one page for each virtue he wished to achieve. He divided each page into rows and columns, enabling him to record a mark whenever he caught himself in any moral failings. Serious about his quest, Franklin wanted to control every aspect that he could. One has to wonder when he had time for all this! [That means we have no excuses!!!]
  • Have a tolerance for loose ends. Let yourself have some flexibility and enjoyment, as well as a sense of humor.
  • Conjure up other goal-examining times to sprinkle across the pages of your calendar.
  • Instead of always moving forward, onward and upward, you are required by your experiences to sometimes go in another direction altogether, perhaps even back to one of your many starting points. Starting over is not a sign of weakness. Starting over takes determination of an exceptional kind. Nowhere is your character more magnificent than when you are back at a starting point, writing new goals for your life. [Deal with it! It's not in your control and it happens to everybody.]
  • In the story of The Late Pony, by the late American writer John Steinbeck, young Jody wakes up crying in the nigh. His mother calls to him, “Jody, you’re dreaming. Wake up and start over again.” Like everything in the course of life, even your dreams can start over.
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