How Competitive Horsehoes Helps in Real Life

Posted on August 3, 2013
family horseshoe team

Horseshoe team: me, my dad and my uncle.


Yes, I’ll admit I was on a horseshoe league for almost 10 years. My dad, aunt and uncle played on the league since I was in elementary school so it was a long standing family tradition.

My family has two ‘sports’ per say; we play cribbage in the winter and horseshoes in the summer. You know how little kids always try to beat the adults? Well, even now my dad and uncle (pictured above) have always been the ones to beat at both cribbage and horseshoes. Some of us cousins have been playing them for 20+ years and  still get free lessons, as my uncle likes to call it when he skunks us in cribbage.

Until joining a horseshoe league I only knew what my skill level was compared to my family members. This was a big mistake, because as good as my dad and uncle are at horseshoes, when we teamed up, I surpassed them both in wins and ringer percentage (kind of like a batting average).

Even though being an above average horseshoe player is not going to directly help me achieve my goals, it has helped build my confidence in other areas of life. Sometimes when I’m about to give a speech at Toastmasters I think of how good it feels to throw a double ringer to beat a tough opponent (that’s the horseshoe equivalent of a walk off grand slam).

Someone told me once that an audience won’t remember what you said when you give a speech, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. Well, in this case, I’m asking you to remember how you made yourself  feel when you did something great. Hold on to that and replay it over and over in your mind when you find yourself doing something you’re not as comfortable with.


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