A Day in the Life With Richard Branson on Hulu

Posted on June 29, 2013

I first heard about Richard Branson when I read a case study about Virgin Records in my Entrepreneurship 101 class, many moons ago. There are not a lot of people who continuously amaze and inspire you, but Richard Branson is in that very, very prestigious club. That is a club that is more prestigious than his membership in the billionaire club. There are a lot of billionaires that don’t even amaze or inspire you at all. In fact, a lot of them make you never even want to be a billionaire if you’ll act like them. Not Richard, he truly seems like a class act. At least in the Hulu exclusive documentary: A Day in the Life With Richard Branson. It’s only 22 minutes long and will make you want to go live life to the fullest! (at least that’s what it made me want to do)

Most of my time is spent on non-profit ventures now….I think I have lots of energy because I’m truly fascinated by what I do. I love people and I love learning. Every day I’m learning something new. I’m busy, but every day is a new adventure, so no complaints. – Richard Branson

Michael Jackson dog look-a-like virgin mobile ad

There was another ad like this with a dog that looked like Richard, but I didn’t get a pic of it and can’t find one online. Paris, Febraury 2013.

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