5 Reasons I Admire Steve Jobs

Posted on August 7, 2013

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Don’t be mistaken about the title of this post, Steve Jobs is not someone I entirely admire. In fact, I despise a lot of his ‘leadership’ techniques and definitely don’t consider him anywhere near Ghandi or Jesus- even though he thought of himself as enlightened like them. If you don’t believe me read this post about why I probably would’ve punched Steve Jobs if I ever had to work with him.

But, there’s no mistaking that Steve Jobs did do some things right and here are the top 5 things I admired about him from his biography:

1. Surround yourself with A players. Steve recognized potential talent in people and kept them close to him.

2. Develop products through cross collaboration, instead of laterally, across departments. Each division of Apple worked with each other to produce a new product rather than having it start in engineering, then design, then marketing, etc. They would all work together from the start and get input from each department before starting. Every company should operate this way in my opinion.

3. Push people to reach their full potential by not accepting excuses. Although I wouldn’t always appreciate the manner in which he pushed people, the fact is a lot of people that worked for him, with him, or around him attribute their accomplishments to his insistence that they can do better.

4. No dream is too big. The picture above is text from an Apple ad that Jobs helped write and happens to be one of my favorite quotes ever.

5.  Art is all around us, if you just appreciate it. He appreciated beauty in all aspects of life, whether it was a elegantly designed washing machine or a mesmerizing story line. He not only pushed the engineers to make the gadgets he dreamed up, but he enabled the designers at Apple and the creatives at Pixar to explore their passions thoroughly. How many other CEO’s would have told John Lasseter to ignore everything else with his job and make cool shorts, like the one below? That’s pretty awesome.

Did you admire or loathe Steve Jobs? Why or why not?


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