Going Green To Live Longer

Posted on June 4, 2013

If you haven’t seen Chemerical, I HIGHLY recommend it! The documentary (is of course on Netflix) follows a family who is replaces everything in their house that contains toxic chemicals with a ‘green’ alternative. The documentary is kind of cheesy, but it definitely makes you think twice about what’s in the products you eat and breathe regularly.

The quality of the air in your home is far worse than the quality of the air outside, and that all comes down to the chemicals in everything we use to clean ourselves and our home, said Andrew Nisker, director of Chemerical.

This has inspired me to find toxic-free alternatives to these products in my life – also follow my Organic Pinterest board!

Toxic-Free Toiletries:

Toxic-Free Cosmetics:

Toxic-Free Cleaning Supplies (a lot of Norwex):

Toxic-Free Medications:
Toxic-Free Kid Products:
DIY Spa Treatments:

* I have not found and tried recipes or solutions for all of these products yet, but will put links to my critiques as I try each product and will update links as I find toxic-free alternatives.

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