Pinterest Critique: 2 ingredient brownies

Posted on November 28, 2012
Two Ingredient Brownies

Don’t these look delicious? Read on to find out what I rate them from 1 – 10.

Everyone that knows me knows how much I loathe cooking. One year for Christmas my entire family all got me something to do with cooking: pots and pans, baking dishes, recipe books, even a Campbell’s soup dish with a recipe for green bean casserole painted on the bottom. It was the worst Christmas ever.

But, just like many other women, Pinterest has vastly improved my cooking skills. Way more than any of the crap my family gave me that horrible Christmas. But, also like many other women (I hope so at least!), I pin a bunch of stuff that I never actually do. The same thought process I rehearse in my head over buying a sales item are the same questions I ask myself everytime I repin something- am I really going to use this? Be honest, Shawnee! Really? So, anyways, I started a board called Pins I’ve Actually Done where I rate it real quick with a comment. It’s not just food, it’s crafts (not many obviously), workout routines, and more- so check it out!

Back to business. The picture above is of Two Ingredient Brownies  that I made from a recipe I found, of course, on Pinterest. Very simple: one bag/box of brownies mix and one can of pumpkin. Follow directions for cooking on the brownie package. If you follow those cooking instructions these brownies get a 1 out of 10 from me. They’re so bad that my boyfriend, who is a human garbage disposal, only had one.

However, I do think these have potential by adding a few more ingredients. I think adding the spices used in this recipe for pumpkin mousse just might do the trick with these brownies. The pumpkin is similar to substituting apple sauce for the eggs and oil in some banana bread recipes. It’s healthier, but it sure doesn’t taste the same.

See you on Pinterest!

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