Virtual Assistants for Everyday People

Posted on July 28, 2013

Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week inspired me to at least try using a virtual assitant for a month to learn how to better manage people, and perhaps make my life a little easier in the process.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for the first time is scary though! Especially when you’re not a big shot who makes a lot of money. The money isn’t really the scary part, beause worst case scenario with, I would be out $120. Big deal. Even without being a big shot, $120 isn’t going to kill me.

Here are the scariest questions I asked myself before hiring a virtual assistant, and how I appeased myself about them:

  •  What am I going to have them do?

I don’t know about you, but I have tons of lists everywhere of business ideas and next steps for projects I’m currently working on. This is a great place to start assigning things to your virtual assistant. I’ve had them do market research to help narrow down all my business ideas and determine which one is the most worthwhile to pursue.

  • 10 hours/month isn’t enough! I have way more to do than that, how can I narrow it down to the most effective work?

Prioritize goals of what you want accomplished at the end of the month. Top priority is that you’ve found a way for the assistants to pay for themselves. i.e. have them doing something that generates revenue for you. If you’re starting from scratch, you may not be able to make this happen in the first month. Break this big goal into specific goals, i.e. by the end of Month 1, I want 3 tested advertising platforms chosen with pricing negotiated.

  •  If I get addicted, will I be able to sustain $120/m while still pursuing my other financial goals?

The only way I’ll become addicted is if I feel like having a virtual assistant is truly saving me time and releiving some stress. I’m sure there are worst things you spend $120/m on.

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Do you have any tips for using a virtual assistant? Please comment and share!

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