Plan For Spontaneity

Posted on April 13, 2013

Planning for spontaneity may sound like an oxymoron, but I’ve had some of the most fun in my entire life completely on a whim. Skinny dipping is just one such instance that can turn from a crazy idea into one of the most memorable nights you’ve ever had. Where you can actually act on any crazy idea you might dream up because you have worked hard – so that you can play harder.

be spontaneous

Some of my biggest regrets in life has been when I’ve had to say no to amazing opportunities. One such instance, my aunt called me up and said if I can make it to Barcelona in 3 days, she’ll pay for a 10 day cruise in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is my favorite place in the whole world and I’ve always dreamed of taking a cruise there. Plus, my mom works for the airline so I could get a cheap ticket to Barcelona- but working 3 jobs meant a very tight schedule that was not easy to rearrange. Yes, missing out on the cruise was disappointing, but what saddens me the most was missing out on that bonding experience with my aunt.

Work will unfortunately get in the way of spontaneity a lot for most of us. But when work and finances are both an issue, you truly miss out on life.

One side of my family lives all over the country, so we try to get together in a central location every year for a reuinion. One of my aunts has never been able to make it to a single reunion because she lacks flexibility in her job, nor can she afford it- despite the fact that two of her sisters work for the airlines and we get super discounted rates on the rooms. Her kids have never even met some of their cousins that live out of state since they can never come to the family reunions. I realize this isn’t an issue of spontaneity, but if you can’t even prepare for the planned events in life, then you will never have room for spontaneity in life- which truly is the spice of life.

Living strictly for today and not making any room for spontaneity not only makes you miss out on some of the most fun you’ll probably ever have in your life, but on very important family situations too. This is why I urge you to stash away some cash every month in a ‘spontaneous’ account.

The essence of pleasure is spontaneity. – Germaine Greer

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