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Posted on July 31, 2013


I just watched “We’re Not Broke” on Netflix and absolutely agree that tax dodging businesses are a huge contributor to the squeezing of the middle class right now and that, ’It’s time for ordinary Americans to fight back and demand an end to the corporate tax avoidance.’

But may I make a suggestion for a different way to inadvertently hurt the tax dodgers? Instead of calling more attention to the tax dodging companies, perhaps we should start praising the companies that are paying their fair share of taxes.

Obviously the fastest way that Americans can fight these companies is to vote with our dollars and stop buying the products and services that tax dodging companies offer. For instance, I would love to know what computer and phone services I should use since Apple, Microsoft and Google all use offshore accounts to dodge taxes.

If we could make it very easy for shoppers to identify companies who pay their taxes, hopefully they’d be more likely to spend their money with them instead. If the tax dodgers start feeling the pain, they may even want to voluntarily stop using the legal loopholes (like Apple’s defense in this article) and pay more taxes just so they can brag about it and use it as a marketing tool – who knows?

If tax paying companies proudly displayed a sticker or badge on their website, similar to how they show what credit cards they accept, it would give shoppers an easy way to know where to shop. I thought would be the best organization to design and launch this campaign.

I have a fairly detailed plan laid out of how to launch this, but know that it’s beyond what I can do myself. Anyone that would like to help, please email me at

Just because it’s technically legal to use offshore accounts and lower your tax burden, doesn’t mean it’s ethical.

individual and payroll tax burdens rise since corporate taxes have decreased

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