Prepping to be a Mommy…Some Day

Posted on February 24, 2018

Confession: I am a HUGE procrastinator. My way of dealing with procrastination is to paint myself into a corner. For example, when I was having trouble working out regularly, I created a Healthy Habits Challenge for my family. They challenged me to run a half marathon. The public shame and thought of disappointing my family if I dropped out with some stupid excuse of being ‘too busy,’ or being allergic to running (no joke) motivated the hell out of me! Not only did I drastically build my self-confidence by doing something I never thought I could do, I also crushed my goal of 10 minute miles with an average of 9:21!

There are a bunch of things that I have been putting off learning, and mastering until I was forced to – when I become a mommy someday. Mastering also means making sure my current systems can easily be scaled to include a spouse, family, more businesses, etc. A fish will only grow as big as its tank allows. Mastering doesn’t mean I’m perfect – there’s always room for improvement. It just means the skills I’ve learned has made my stress levels plummet.

“If you can’t handle stress, then you won’t manage success.” – Foundr Magazine

Well, I’m 35 and becoming a mommy is nowhere in sight. It’s time I start perfecting these things because they’re critical life skills that will help me be the best version of myself possible. The more stress I can get off my plate before I have kids, the better mommy I will be – whenever that day comes.

Logically, I started off my with my biggest stressors in life, in this order: money, diet & exercise, clean & organized

(Skip if you don’t care WHY I chose this order.) When I graduated college my uncle gave me the the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover books. My mom was also a great mentor that coached me through paying off my student loans like the debt-chopping master that she is! That’s why I started with money, because when people I respected with money literally put the tools they found to work best, in my hands, it was easy to learn how to use them. Once my finances were automated as much as possible and not a source of stress in my life AT ALL, I had the brain capacity to move on to another area of life to improve. My social media was flooded with friends working on diet and exercise, so I seemed to have lots of resources and mentors at my disposal. Despite all the information and help though, I still wasn’t able to automate this as much as I would have liked due to my crazy schedule. Hence, the family Healthy Habits Challenge.

For years I put off the last category, clean & organized, because:

a) I didn’t know where to start

b) I hadn’t mastered diet & exercise, so that would be quitting, right?

c) it was hard to ask for help because I put on a persona of having it all together – vulnerable

d) very hard to find tidying mentors

e) My life is still amazing even if I’m not the cleanest and most organized

The list of excuses went on and on… for years!! Seriously 4 years.

“Successful people know the difference between patience and procrastination.” - Foundr Magazine

Now I know that I should have done it in this order:

  1. Clean & organized
  2. Money
  3. Diet & exercise

Quick psychology lesson: this order provides the quickest wins > quick wins build confidence > higher confidence gives you courage to pursue the life of your dreams

Imagine how much better of a mommy, writer, teacher, dreamer… you could be if you had ZERO STRESS about money, clutter, and health?

I’m going to be documenting the steps that helped me master each category, in the order I feel I should have done them in. If you’d like to get all the steps emailed to you in order, make sure to PUT YOUR EMAIL IN THE “GET UPDATES” BOX BELOW and SHARE with another woman you think would benefit from this :)

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