3 Reasons To Let Something Bad Happen In Your Business

Posted on July 18, 2015

This blog by Tim Ferriss about the art of letting bad things happen couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me.

My airbnb had only been running for a couple of months. I was out of town and my sister was going to be cleaning it for me. There was a guest checking out that morning and new guests checking in that afternoon, so she had a small window of time to clean. When my plane landed there were multiple voicemails from the arriving guests, who were not happy. Me, being a couple thousand miles away started to panic a little thinking about how much this would cost me? What would it do for my reviews on the site?

My immediate reaction was to call and yell at my sister.

Thankfully, I was on a plane full of people and wasn’t able to do that right away. Instead I had the ride to the hotel to think about the situation. That’s when I remembered the blog post I had just read a few days earlier about letting bad things happen.

Instead of flying off the handle at my sister, I actually started smiling. This was exactly my worst fear from the day I started renting on airbnb, and it happened. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad! It wasn’t the end of the world. This calmed me down enough where I was actually able to call my sister and calmly talk to her about what happened. I thanked her for cleaning and told her I would still pay her (she was saving up money to move out of the country). This didn’t cause a big fight between us just a few months before she moved to a new country. She was already sorry without me having to make her feel any worse about it.

3 Things I Learned From Something Bad Happening:

  1. Talking to my sister in a calm, mature manner, allowed me to listen, which gave me insight on how I could have made the instructions more clear in the future. If you’re not open to hearing how you contributed to the bad outcome, then you’ll never be able to fix it down the road.
  2. Fastest way to expand your comfort zone is to confront your biggest fears. Now when more minor things happen they’ll be a lot easier to deal with.
  3.  Test your managerial skills and ability to run a larger company. The larger your organization gets, the more delegating happens, which means you have even less ability to micro manage. This is a good thing, but only if you can handle it mentally and trust the people you hire.


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