Bring Your Personality to Work Day!

Posted on April 3, 2014

We’ve all heard of how cool Google is to work for and some other companies that let you express your individuality while at work, but I have never heard of a company blatantly promotes their employee’s hobbies outside of work to their customers…until I called

After sitting on hold for a few minutes, I actually love them even more! Why??? Because their hold music is sample tracks from bands and artists of their employees! It would play a clip of music and say, “That was the band X, that John, a graphic designer at is a member of. If you want to hear more go to www.______”

How cool is that???

Not only do they support the fact that their employees do not eat, sleep and breathe their brand, but they’re actually promoting the hobbies they do outside of work to their own customers!

Here’s the message to Managers & CEO’s

  • Let your employees bring their personality to work!
  • Let them express themselves – to a reasonable degree of course
  • TRUST that the more you let their personality shine through, the more they WILL become an advocate of your brand
  • Encourage your employees for things they do outside of work, not just for what they do for your company


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