Best Manager I Ever Had

Posted on December 16, 2013

Even though working as a waitress in college was a pretty insignificant job, my manager taught me an invaluable lesson one day when I was 2 hours late for my shift.

It was an honest mistake. I accidently wrote down the start time for the person below me on the schedule.

This is all my manager, Joe, said to me about it:

I really like you Shawnee, and don’t want to let you go. Please don’t be late again.

That’s all he had to say. He knew it caused me more stress than any anyone else. He knew it was a simple mistake and was able to say all of that in his his two simple sentences. It wasn’t an attack on me in any way. He wasn’t trying to question my character or work ethic. He wasn’t trying to belittle or hurt my pride. There was no reason for me to get defensive.

It was simply the best example of Dale Carnegie’s advice to give someone a fine reputation to live up to that I have ever witnessed first-hand. It completely worked on me at least! I worked at the bar for 2 more years and was never late again.

Cheers to good managers!


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