5 Things Traditional Companies Can Learn From Pyramid Companies

Posted on November 25, 2013

In a book called, “A Rising Son in the Land of Nine Dragons” the author opens with a story about winning the national Hong Kong yo-yo competition at the age of 13. Although he won a $7,500 scholarship, it’s nothing compared to what he gained in self-esteem.

I had a taste of winning big and it encouraged me to believe in myself. From that point on, I was fitted with a personal barometer to measure how my life was going…

The author says that all his later successes in life were due to chasing the same euphoria he got from winning the yo-yo competition. Although I don’t have a national championship for anything under my belt to chase, I have been chasing a similar feeling…

It may seem strange to some people, especially since multi-level marketing (MLM), or ‘pyramid’ companies have such a bad reputation, but I thoroughly enjoyed many aspects of working with a MLM company in my teenage years. Although I have chosen a different path, here’s what I’ve been chasing in my career choices that MLM gave me the first taste of:

1. Schedule Flexbility- I like to wake up without an alarm clock, on my own time. This is a luxury offered to very few of us.

2. Location Flexibility- traveling is a huge part of my life, so being able to work from wherever I want on the planet is a HUGE bonus for me.

3. Synergy and excitement from working with like-minded people- having never been on a winning team in my school age years, I never truly felt the exponential power of synergy until I worked at a MLM company.

4. Genuine Support From Your Managers- unlike at traditional companies where your manager might be scared of you taking their job, in MLM companies your ‘upline’ (anyone above you) truly wants you to become the best you possibly can – and usually goes way out of their way to help you.

5. Personal Growth Training- in the MLM company I was involved with, and other companies my friends have worked with, there has always been a heavy emphasis on not just business growth, but personal growth too. Not only through sharing books to read, but incorporating it into all of their trainings.

Anything else you would like to see traditional companies adopt from MLM companies?


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  • http://www.twitter.com/bennesvig Ben Nesvig

    I had a 12 hour interview with a MLM (selling business coupons to local businesses). I accepted the job and then quit before I could start. If you can find the right one, I’ve heard of a lot of successful people getting their start in MLM companies (like selling knives).

    Getting that taste of accomplishment that the kid did is definitely addictive, in a good way. Once you get a taste of seeing a direct reward for the direct effort of what you put into something, nothing else can beat it.