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The Modern Independence Day

Independence Day used to be a time when the whole country was united with a shared experience - even if the shared experience was just oohing and ahhing over fireworks. It's sad that the day is hardly called Independence Day anymore and often times just referred to as The 4th of July- stripping the meaning of the day to merely a date most people get off work. Do you ...

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A Day in the Life With Richard Branson on Hulu

I first heard about Richard Branson when I read a case study about Virgin Records in my Entrepreneurship 101 class, many moons ago. There are not a lot of people who continuously amaze and inspire you, but Richard Branson is in that very, very prestigious club. That is a club that is more prestigious than his membership in the billionaire club. There are a lot of ...

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Rubber Ducky Travel Tips: Boston

Rubber Ducky Travel Tips is my version of Elf on the Shelf. Rubber Ducky is always looking for inexpensive, fun things to do wherever he goes! Rubber Ducky got to sit on a cannon on the USS Constitution that sits in the Boston Harbor. The USS Constitution is the oldest active military ship in the entire world. It was built in 1797. Boston is about as close as ...

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Memories Made Easy

I've been reading a lot about being happy lately and I came across an article that said displaying personal pictures helps make you happier. That made me look at my own house and realize that the only people in any pictures are Jesus (my mom gave me a big framed pic of Him when I moved in- kind of a funny story that maybe I'll share sometime) and little tiny pictures ...

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