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Mother Earth Is All We Have: Live Organically

This picture caught my eye as I was thumbing through some old Reader's Digests yesterday- love that magazine! It's the most logical reason for why everyone should care about our environment. We're all in this together. No amount of money, health or intelligence can save you from the challenge that we ALL face- preserving Mother Earth. Even the smallest change ...

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3 Reasons Everyone Should Use a Label Maker

I used to think people who used labelers at home were going way overboard, but since I've been on this Pinterest-inspired total home organization kick, I have fallen in love with labeling! Here are three reasons why everyone should buy a labeler: 1. Labeling forces you to categorize things as simply as possible. When you have to describe the contents of a bin ...

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Ultimate Home Organization List

My house is tiny. Barely 600 finished square feet, yet three grown adults, and all the possessions they've accumulated in their almost 90 combined years on earth. I feel claustrophobic and cannot even fathom how my grandparents raised 9 children in this house. My biggest regret before remodeling the upstairs is not researching more efficient storage space. I was so ...

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Boob Job

I just got a boob job a few weeks ago. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved my Doctor and all of the staff that I worked with through every stage of the process from initial consultation to my post-op appointment. But there was still a big moment of despair for me a few days after. But, maybe I'm just a wuss and over reacting too. 1. Don't wear jeans or anything ...

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How a 5k Boosted My Self-Confidence

My sister and I just did one of those 5k races through the mud with a bunch of obstacles, this one was called the Rugged Maniac. In preparation for the race, I of course did not follow the recommended training schedule but did my own thing...which included drinking for 3 days straight in Vegas the week before the race! Needless to say I was pretty nervous come ...

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5 Things Tennis Taught Me About Life

About 3 years ago an acquaintance moved to Minnesota and was looking for someone to play tennis with occasionally. Having never played tennis as anything more than a joke, I volunteered to play with him one day- provided he had a racket I could use of course. I fell in love that summer, at the ripe age of 26, with a new sport. We probably played an average of 10 ...

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