6 Reasons I Would Punch Steve Jobs

Posted on January 31, 2013

Steve Jobs Biography Picture

Photo Courtesy of DigitalTrends.com 

I know I’m kind of late to the Steve Jobs hype, but I finally got around to reading his biography. I feel like the Apple vs. Microsoft/Google debate gets as heated as talks about politics so I was very eager to read more about the figurehead of the ‘political party’. Before starting the biography I really only heard the rumors about Steve, ‘yes he was unconventional, but he was brilliant,’ and other similar opinions that would praise and justify his actions at the same time. After reading 2/3′s of the biography so far I am not impressed- as you can probably tell by the title of this post. Hypocrisy is probably the worst trait anyone can have in my opinion. Not only is it the exact opposite of the Golden Rule, but it completely throws empathy out the window which is the very thing the Golden Rule is trying to spread. Here are just a few of his most hypocritical actions mentioned in his biography:

1. Although Steve stole the user interface used in the Macintosh from Xerox, and despite the thievery of ‘The Blue Box’ that jump started Apple, Steve Jobs still accused Google of copying the iPhone for their Android and started a World War in court. Doesn’t he know that the better Android is, forces Apple to be even better? The standard is set higher and pushes his Apple employees even farther. But that’s not the Steve Jobs mentality, he wants to be the only dog on the top and there isn’t any room for sharing.

2. Abandoned his daughter after he felt so abandoned when he found out he was adopted.

3. Suing Wozniak for non-compete for making a universal remote control, yet a year later he stole some senior Apple employees to start another computer company. A computer company is way more of a competitor for Apple than a remote control, don’t you think?

4. Jobs was a visionary and slave driver all in one. Dictators rise to the top through fear, but it takes much more skill and Emotional Intelligence to gather a team around you and accomplish what Steve did with tact. He was brilliant in other arenas, but leadership was not one of them, in my opinion. BusinessInsider.com said people would just move out of the way when Steve Jobs was around rather than say hi.  I hope to goodness he did not raise his children in the same manner he ‘motivated’ his employees.

5. Besides berating people, Job’s other leadership technique was to unite his team (Macintosh team against the rest of Apple), or company against someone else. Unite people by giving them a common enemy. This is very apparent in the wars Apple has had with Microsoft in the past and their current patent battle with Google. Jobs has some very strong words regarding Android in the biography. This is how tyrants rise to power too, by creating enemies instead of collaborating with them. Hitler is obviously the best example of convincing people of a common enemy, even though that ‘enemy’ was mostly innocent Jews, gypsies, and disabled persons.

6. He dressed as Jesus for a Halloween party! First of all, I don’t recall ever seeing anyone dress as Jesus for Halloween. It’s kind of an unspoken rule that you just don’t do that. Second of all, if you do dress as Jesus, you aren’t doing it because you consider yourself on par with Him! Yes, Steve considered himself an ‘enlightened one’ right up there with Jesus, Gandhi and Confucius.

Hypocrisy will always keep everyone walking on egg shells. It’s never clear when they’re going to be happy or angry with you. This was the Steve Jobs’ way and why I probably would have gotten in a lot of fights with him.


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