Story of how I met Mark Cuban, got business advice & 2 tickets to the NBA Finals

Posted on October 5, 2014
hanging out with mark cuban

Five years ago I got a phone call that got me pretty excited! My friend said he heard about Mark Cuban's stimulus plan for the economy on the Adam Carolla podcast. He said Cuban was investing in small businesses and that I should apply for him to invest in my business. The reason this news got me so excited is because if he had told me any other billionaire, I would have just been another drop in the internet bucket of applications. But since ...

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Songs to Overcome Fear and Motivate Yourself

nothing can take the place of persistence quote

While putting on the final touches of a project that I've been working on for 8 years now, I realize that I might be sabotaging myself. During all the ups and downs in the last 8 years I never once questioned if this project was worth all the pain, heartache - not to mention time and money. But now, as D-Day approaches I find myself literally feeling sick to my stomach with nervousness. Here are the most motivational songs that have helped me ...

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I Finally Found A Meditation Technique That Works For Me!

Posted on September 17, 2014
meditating | meditation | quote | praying

Last year I wrote about the benefits of meditating and my struggles with not being able to. I got some great advice from lots of people and really appreciate all of your efforts to help. But I finally found something that has been working great for me on a consistent basis. After reading this article, How to "Get High" Without Drugs, I started listening to binaural beats. There are a lot of unverified claims about binaural beats helping ...

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Women, why do we do this to each other?

Posted on September 13, 2014

This is what makes us girls, we don't stick together 'cause we put love first It's no secret that women judge each other relentlessly, so I don't know why this story in the book, Knowing Your Value, was such a shock. But it still made my jaw drop and my insides knot up. Just thinking about the injustice made my fists clench. How could someone, much less a WOMAN even possibly think that this was ok to say to another woman? Why is she ...

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Your What If’s Can Make You Sink or Swim

Posted on August 6, 2014
thoughts are things

What would the world be like today if the Wright brothers never asked themselves, "What if people could fly?" Children seem to naturally be able to imagine creative and wild WHAT IF scenarios. While adults sadly seem to migrate towards the negative side of WHAT IF and think about things like, WHAT IF I quit my job to start a business and it fails? Don't get me wrong, you need to have backup plans, but if you are constantly worried about ...

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Failure: A time for self-reflection

Posted on July 15, 2014
failure is a detour quote

Failure is a time of learning. Every failure should be a time for reflection. Whether it's a breakup of a relationship or a business venture gone wrong. These are the periods when alone time and nature should be mandatory to remind yourself of how magnificent the world is, despite the fragile state your ego may be in at the moment. Failure is when you realize your own limitations and whether you want to make them permanent; When you decide ...

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NASA Proves Synergy Exists

Posted on June 22, 2014
Dare Mighty Things - NASA's motto

I was fortunate to tour the NASA facilities in Pasadena, California this past weekend. James, our tour guide, gave us the best tour because the excitement for his vocation (not job or career, but his calling) was literally oozing out of him. The best walking tour guides have this same kind of infectious energy. When all of your employees have this level of passion for their 'work', anything is truly possible. NASA's zillions of accompli...

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Caged Chickens

Posted on June 18, 2014
caged chickens quote

This is an exerpt from the book  Chicken Soup for the Traveler's Soul, in a story titled, "Loose Chickens" by Nancy Vineski: I was a real estate agent and had gone to check out one of our listed properties. It was an egg-laying operation, a commercial facility involving thousands of caged chickens. The warehouse-like building held hundreds and hundreds of small cages, each containing two hens. The cages were so small that the chickens were ...

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Dating Tips for Guys

Posted on May 1, 2014
dating tips for men who want to date strong independent women

Ramit Sethi started an interesting discussion on his blog this week about women making more than their spouses. With over 300 comments, this was a very hot topic. This comment from a high earning woman, made me especially sad though. She said that the high earning women she knew fell into one of 3 categories: 1. Perpetually single 2. Married young and have been with their partners for years 3. Met their significant others in graduate school ...

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How do you express your spirituality?

oprah winfrey quote about spirituality

Spirituality = the internal experience of an individual Like Oprah says in the quote above, spiritual doesn't necessarily mean religion, but I've found it's a helpful place to start. This year for Easter I went to a church completely different than I had ever been to before. I attended a midnight Easter service at a Russian Orthodox church.  Russian Orthodox is the most traditional sects of Christianity I've ever heard of- even ...

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