The Sunglasses Effect

Posted on March 31, 2018
minimalism, art of being tidy, sunglasses, quote

For as long as I can remember, I always had a pair of sunglasses everywhere - a pair in this purse, a pair in that bag, a pair with this shirt, a pair with that dress a pair in my car, a pair in my desk, a pair in my arrrr.... A pair seemed to break every time I used them, so obviously I kept buying cheap pairs of sunglasses to replace the broken ones. And the vicious cycle repeated. Then a friend finally convinced me to get a ...

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Ultimate Test of Your Decision Making Skills – A Tattoo

Posted on February 28, 2018

This became very obvious to me recently after I got my first tattoo a few days ago. I love it. I've been dreaming about it for 4 years. It's a lot bolder than I thought it would be, so I understand people's reactions. But, it's in a delicate spot where no one will ever see the whole thing. It's mostly for me. A friend pointed out to me today what she wished would have been done better - and my face instantly turned red from embarrassment....

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Prepping to be a Mommy…Some Day

Posted on February 24, 2018
prepping to be a mom

Confession: I am a HUGE procrastinator. My way of dealing with procrastination is to paint myself into a corner. For example, when I was having trouble working out regularly, I created a Healthy Habits Challenge for my family. They challenged me to run a half marathon. The public shame and thought of disappointing my family if I dropped out with some stupid excuse of being 'too busy,' or being allergic to running (no joke) motivated the hell out ...

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Top 3 Things to Evaluate Business Ideas

Hi, my name is Shawnee and I have Entrepreneur ADD, EADD for short. A lot of entrepreneurs I know have this same condition. They get like this every time they hear of a new business opportunity: If I'm going to invest my time, energy and money into a business idea I'm going to make sure it's going to at least get me closer to my dream lifestyle. In case you're curious, my dream lifestyle is a little unconventional. My goal is to home ...

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Law of Attraction Exercises

law of attraction quotes

This is one of the best stories to argue thoughts are things I've ever heard! This is a story about exercising. Nothing crazy like wanting to win a gold medal or something. You can exercise this muscle no matter your age. No matter your size, stature, or weight. This is something we can all exercise. Right here. Right now... "There's no way you can make that happen." "Watch me," she said as she headed for the airport for 3 days in New ...

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Open Letter to Black Lives Matter Leaders

Posted on July 8, 2016
blm black lives matter police shootings

I don't know what it's like to be black or to lead a protest movement, but I see now that this IS a problem that needs to be addressed by our whole society. Here are some observations and suggestions to hopefully prevent future murders of all people from those in authority. OBSERVATION: Demand Specific Action Items The Black Lives Matter movement as a whole doesn't seem to have a clear agenda. This is why the Occupy Wall Street movement ...

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Cheaper Than Credit Monitoring

credit monitoring identity theft

According to The Bureau of Justice Statistics, identity theft is defined as: unauthorized use or attempted use of an existing account unauthorized use or attempted use of personal information to open a new account misuse of personal information for a fraudulent purpose The National Criminal Justice System reported that about 7% of Americans over age 16 were victims of identity theft in 2014. Although I'm not very paranoid about ...

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3 Reasons To Let Something Bad Happen In Your Business

let bad things happen in business

This blog by Tim Ferriss about the art of letting bad things happen couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. My airbnb had only been running for a couple of months. I was out of town and my sister was going to be cleaning it for me. There was a guest checking out that morning and new guests checking in that afternoon, so she had a small window of time to clean. When my plane landed there were multiple voicemails from the arriving ...

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Breaking Big Goals Into Smaller Goals

Posted on February 13, 2015
breaking down goals

We've all heard the advice - break big goals into bite size pieces that you can manage. It sounds like great advice, but I've never really consciously done it before. ...until I was staring down a HUGE mountain that I was expected to ski down. I had only been skiing a handful of times in my life and the last time was over 6 years ago. Coming from a flat midwestern state, most of those times were at places that I could easily walk up instead ...

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7 Favorite Fiction Books to Read This Year

Posted on January 5, 2015
Tim Ferris says reading fiction before bed is better than ambien.

I used to only read non-fiction books. I also used to have to take melatonin almost every night in order to fall asleep. Then I heard Tim Ferriss (my hero) say that reading fiction before bed is better than taking Ambien. Ferriss reasons that reading fiction helps switches your brain from learning to relaxation mode by distracting it from your own thoughts. After doing this for about a year now, I must say it usually helps me fall asleep much ...

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