About Me


Inspiring others the best way I know how – by trying to set a good example.

My Core Values

  1. We only have one life, so why not make it as EZ and FUN as possible?

  2. Be a life-long LEARNER. Everyone you meet can teach you something.

  3. You are who you hang around. How would my friend’s parents feel about them hanging out with me?

  4. No free lunch. I take PRIDE in earning my lunch.

  5. I believe you can’t become great without HELP from a higher power and others.

  6. DREAM as big as you want – no judgment here.

  7. I consciously act to be the least amount of burden possible on others. Everyone else has their own stresses, don’t make life harder for them.

  8. I feel fear, like everyone else, but don’t let it slow me down because I TRUST my decision making abilities.

  9. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

  10. Family = TEAM

How I spend my time

  1. Reading/Research 80%
  2. Experimenting 40%
  3. Sleeping 25%
  4. Friends and Family 70%