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How do you express your spirituality?

Spirituality = the internal experience of an individual Like Oprah says in the quote above, spiritual doesn't necessarily mean religion, but I've found it's a helpful place to start. This year for Easter I went to a church completely different than I had ever been to before. I attended a midnight Easter service at a Russian Orthodox church.  Russian ...

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For the Ladies – a way to make your life easier once a month

Warning to Guys: you may not want to read this unless you're going to share it with the women in your lives. This is not the most glamorous subject, but it's one every woman has to deal with so I wanted to share what has recently made my life easier in the area of menstruating. Yes, I said menstruating. Men- don't say I didn't warn you! Ok, ladies, I read a ...

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My Favorite Healthy, Fast Breakfast

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of cooking. Who's got time for it - especially when you're just cooking for yourself? Through the years, I have come up with some favorite, fast, delicious and healthy recipes though and this one is at the top of the list! My uncle, who is near 50 and looks like he's 30, says to eat like an upside down pyramid- your heaviest ...

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Overcoming Cold Feet – Persistence

Movies like Gravity and Pursuit of Happyness demonstrate one form of persistence. They demonstrate how hard a lot of people will fight when they have absolutely nothing to lose. The problem is, most of us do have something to lose. Most of us have friends and family who may think we're crazy. We have comfy houses, cars and jobs. How do you fight as hard as Sandra ...

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My Favorite Thing To Do While Traveling

My favorite thing to do while traveling is: Family friendly Inexpensive Educational A chance to meet people - often times from various parts of the world Involves fresh air and a little exercise I usually fly in an out of Amsterdam when I go to Europe, so I had probably been there the equivalent of 20 days of my life. Yes, I walked around and saw the ...

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Bring Your Personality to Work Day!

We've all heard of how cool Google is to work for and some other companies that let you express your individuality while at work, but I have never heard of a company blatantly promotes their employee's hobbies outside of work to their customers...until I called After sitting on hold for a few minutes, I actually love them even more! Why??? Because ...

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