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How to Spread the Travel Bug

One of my favorite things I've ever been fortunate enough to do is to take a few people on their first plane ride. The latest experience was extra special because it was my 14 year old cousin, Kaylah. Not only was it her first time on an airplane, but it was to Spain! Here are 3 things I learned about getting someone to fall in love with traveling on their first ...

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Best Manager I Ever Had

Even though working as a waitress in college was a pretty insignificant job, my manager taught me an invaluable lesson one day when I was 2 hours late for my shift. It was an honest mistake. I accidently wrote down the start time for the person below me on the schedule. This is all my manager, Joe, said to me about it: I really like you Shawnee, and don't want ...

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Paint Your Wall Ombre – DIY Tutorial

An immediate place to start feeling balanced physically is to make your house actually feel like a home. If your house feels cluttered and disorganized, you will feel the same way. The next step beyond keeping your house clean is the fun part - designing to reflect your personality! One way to add instant personality to any room is to paint an ombre accent ...

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