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5 Things Traditional Companies Can Learn From Pyramid Companies

In a book called, "A Rising Son in the Land of Nine Dragons" the author opens with a story about winning the national Hong Kong yo-yo competition at the age of 13. Although he won a $7,500 scholarship, it's nothing compared to what he gained in self-esteem. I had a taste of winning big and it encouraged me to believe in myself. From that point on, I was fitted with ...

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Interior Design Help Needed

This is a cash register that used to be in my Grandpa's Chinese restaurant. I'd love to clean it up and use it as decor somehow in my house. It's super heavy and the top is only about 3" deep, so it's not wide enough to put something on top and use it as an end table. Do you have any ideas of how I can transform this piece of family history into a working piece of ...

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Social Media Accountability Groups

Social media can be a huge waste of time if you let it, but it can also be a great way to hold you accountable if you use it right.   A Facebook friend asked if anyone would like to join her in doing the 30 Day Plank Challenge shown below. She then started a private group for all of us who are doing it. She is the only person in the group that I know, ...

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Excuses, excuses

This is the first time I've gone over a week without posting to my blog since I made it a priority 11 months ago. It's been eating me up inside. There are no excuses, except that my priorities for the last 10 days have had to change temporarily. I hate when people constantly say they don't have time, or money to do something and have made it a point to eliminate ...

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Why I’m Not A Politician

My parents taught me to be independent inadvertently. Because if I EVER asked for money, it came at a price; It meant that I would have to do something for them. When I saw friends get grounded from their cars, I made a decision to pay for my car myself. Sure enough, one day my mom and I got in a huge fight and she tried to take my car keys from me when I tried to ...

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