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Super Easy Natural Homemade Shampoo

  I'm easing into this Chemical Free Living slowly because I know myself better than to jump in and try to change everything at once. That would be setting myself up for failure. Our shampoo was almost gone so I looked up some recipes for natural shampoo. This recipe was so incredibly easy I couldn't believe it! I didn't even do any of the optional things she ...

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A Donation For Schools In Oklahoma City

Help Oklahoma City School Children with the lowest overhead charity I could find! With all the questionable charities out there, it's very refreshing that technology has allowed us to donate directly to people in need with 100% transparency. has so many benefits, but my favorite is that you have so much control over how your money is spent. Check ...

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How To Unsubscribe From All Amazon Emails

"A new study finds that with managing e-mail taking up more than an hour of many workers' days, at least 34 percent of messages do not contain any information employees need to do their jobs properly," reports If that's how much email is irrelevant at work, imagine how many emails are wasting your time in your personal inbox? There's a very easy way to ...

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Why ‘Hard Working’ Isn’t A Compliment

Being classified as hard working is no longer something I strive for, nor admire. Don't get me wrong, there are admirable aspects of a hard worker, but I think they can be achieved in other ways. For instance, I admire the parent who works multiple jobs to put their child through school. What I am actually admiring though, is the commitment and the willingness to ...

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Mother Earth Is All We Have: Live Organically

This picture caught my eye as I was thumbing through some old Reader's Digests yesterday- love that magazine! It's the most logical reason for why everyone should care about our environment. We're all in this together. No amount of money, health or intelligence can save you from the challenge that we ALL face- preserving Mother Earth. Even the smallest change ...

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3 Reasons Everyone Should Use a Label Maker

I used to think people who used labelers at home were going way overboard, but since I've been on this Pinterest-inspired total home organization kick, I have fallen in love with labeling! Here are three reasons why everyone should buy a labeler: 1. Labeling forces you to categorize things as simply as possible. When you have to describe the contents of a bin ...

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